We've been eating and training like men.
It doesn't work.
Women are different. Not only 25% of the time, when we bleed. But 100% of the time.
No one ever took that into account. We understand women like no one ever did.

  • Journaling

    What you can't measure you can't improve. The first step: Checking in daily and after your activities.

  • Your friend's calendar

    We may train alone, but we race socially. Finally, see where your friends race and join them.

  • Set your training plan

    Get your plan, reschedule at will, it will adapt to you and your busy life.

  • Get insights & recommendations

    Finally understand the correlation between your cycles, your strength, your digestion, etc.

  • See your progress

    Outside of our races: how do we compare to our peers? Now you can see it ahead and keep motivated with that.

  • Discuss with peers

    Those fascinating topics we love: races sign ups, saddle fitting, nutrition.

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Our WILD Team

At WILD we love sports and pushing our extremes.
We test it all, ice water, climbing peaks, cycling over night, 100km trails.

We constantly look for more extreme, more fun, more passionate people than us,
the outlyers, the ones that don't take life for granted and push boundaries for breakfast.
Join us to build the future of health!

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Urgent need? Call me! US +1 650 76 13 788 || UK +44 77 88 933 156

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