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We strongly believe that to succeed anything in life, you need an objective.


From your local parkrun to major ironmans, you can find every race around the globe.

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Our proprietary AI algorithm provides you your training plan, based on your personal conditions and schedule. It adjusts as you train, taking into account your feedback and your fatigue – helping you avoid injuries.

Compatible with every running apps, sync with your favourite one and keep track of your progress. The more data we have, the more personalised and adaptive the training and resting recommendations for you will be.

Just like a real coach, the algorithm will keep track of your progress and recommend you other events to keep you motivated.

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Hélène Guillaume

Co-founder & CEO

Helene is an avid wild water swimmer, 70.3 Ironman triathlete and 100km trail runner. She was a Hedge Fund Quant and advised various Fortune500 companies.

Surui Li

Co-founder & CTO

Surui has a MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, and has worked for several startups as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Filip Frahm

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Bringing his Reinforcement Learning background to endurance sports. MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Rav Dighe

Pro Ironman Coach

Rav brings his years of experience in professional coaching, as well as being an IT engineer

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